TAJEZZO P2 Backpack - 10L



Polyhedron Design

The clean and neat lines are applied through the elements of space geometry. While satisfying the visual sense and design aesthetics, the three-dimensional shape plays the role of the dome in architecture. Combined with the high-strength physical properties of the composite material, it has better resistance and anti-shock function.

Detail Structure

The outshape adopts 3-tier structure. The outside shell is water-resistant with extra shine. The middle tier is PC material, and the inner tier is EVA.
The 3-tier structure enables P2 with anti-collision and impact resistant features.

Waterproof Fabric

We applied special fabrics to our P2.
With special waterproof performance, it can build a certain barrier effect when the bag encounters with sudden rain.

Secure Your Items

Our zip is sewed at the back side of the bag which attached to your body.
Others cannot open the bag from either the front nor the side of it which secures your own belonging.

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