TAJEZZO N2 Sling Bag - 1.5L, Gray



Ergonomic Friendly

360 degree body-hugging system

Three pieces of soft PVC material are used to define a three-dimensional space by arranging them into an L shape.

Quick Access Pocket

The front of the bag adopts a waterproof zipper to ensure that the front shell is water-resistant. Also, it is convenient for users to use high-frequency objects such as mobile phones, keys, and coins.

Waterproof Fabric

We use the special fabric that is highly water-resistant and able to defend light rain.

Due to the new fabric technology, it difficult for water droplets and oil stains to gather, and quickly slips off the surface of the bag

Redifine Urban Techwear

Through the collision of different materials and the combination of line and surface, we combine the current trend of cyberpunk, redesign the shape, and keep the classic elements, to express our new understanding of Urban Techwear.

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